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For a long time Adobe has been number one when it comes to creative software. Adobe has plenty of competitors biting at its heels though, with other companies coming forward with powerful alternatives to Photoshop and great alternatives to InDesign to try and convince Adobe-doubters to jump ship. If you’re unsure about signing up to Creative Cloud see the best Adobe Creative Cloud discounts if you could be tempted by a decent deal , then one of the best ways to experiment is to try out the free software alternatives available.

To get you started, here are six Adobe Creative Cloud alternatives that are free to download. You might also want to check out our pick of the best free graphic design software. Looking for a free version of Photoshop? Pixlr is a decent alternative. While it’s basic version is designed for non-professionals, the cloud-based set of photo editors include some pretty advanced tools, such as cropping, red-eye removal and teeth whitening. Suitable for iOS and Android, Pixlr is available to use on desktops, tablets and smartphones, or it can be used as a web app.

There are now two different types of Pixlr editor, the beginner-friendly Pixlr X and the pro Pixlr E. Both have a similar layout to Photoshop, so are easy to pick up if you’re already familiar with Adobe software. If you’ve always wanted to give Lightroom a whirl, be sure to try RawTherapee. As its name suggests, this tool is capable of editing Raw photo files, as well as other formats. With its extensive range of editing tools, you’ll be able to correct distortion, boost colours, recover details and much more.

These aren’t basic capabilities either. Due to its advanced options, RawTherapee enables users to tweak their photos until they’re looking exactly how they want.

And thanks to its multi-threading and batch processing, RawTherapee is one the the most powerful Lightroom alternatives we’ve come across.

Inkscape also boasts advanced features that you don’t often find elsewhere, including alpha blending, cloned objects and markers. On top of running SVGs as its native format, Inkscape also fills in for Illustrator nicely because it has full support for different colour modes. Users will immediately notice that Inkscape has a simpler interface than Illustrator, but this doesn’t mean it can’t create intricate and detailed artwork.

This is definitely one to check out on either Windows, Mac or Linux. Due to its reliability and price tag of zero, Scribus is a commonly used InDesign alternative for creatives on a budget. This professional page layout program is suitable for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems, and even comes with a range of press-ready output that’s ready to roll out of the box. It also supports vector drawing tools, and thanks to an active community surrounding Scribus, you’re never alone if you need some troubleshooting.

Premiere Pro alternative, DaVinci Resolve , is a professional video editing tool that’s so good that it’s used on big-budget film and TV productions. Yet it’s also a free package that can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux. Specialising in colour correction and post production audio, DaVinci Resolve boasts impressive features such as curve editors and primary colour wheels.

It also runs facial recognition tracking, giving users the option to play with skin tones, eyes and lip colour. Factor in that DaVinci Resolve gives users the opportunity to mix and master up to 1, channels, and you’ve got a tool that goes above and beyond the expectations of its price tag.

Put simply, this is possibly the strongest contender for the best free Premiere Pro alternative. Finding a single alternative to After Effects is a bit of a tall order. There isn’t one magic bullet solution, but tools like Blender help to fill in some of the gaps if you don’t happen to run Adobe software. A free package for Mac, Windows and Linux, Blender can be used to create ultra-realistic animated graphics and 3D visual effects.

Both amateurs and experts alike use its texturing, particle simulation and compositing tools to create jaw-dropping work with an added dimension. Given the unique niche After Effects has carved for itself, though, you’re going to want to back up Blender with other tools such as compositing software Natron , and video editing software Filmora which you’ll have to pay for, though there is a free trial available.

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Alternative adobe animate cc free download.10 Adobe Animate Alternatives in 2021

There are also a few different inking styles, including Ink Precision, Ink Pen Rough, Ink Brush Rough, and more, which you can use to create black and white cartoons. You can also blend colors that you have painted on your virtual canvas by using the blender presets. Excellent vector drawing interface which reduces your effort and time by auto-generating drawings. Of course, you may not always be satisfied with the results of the automatically generated in between frames. Synfig Studio is a great free alternative to Adobe Animate. Toon Boom even has its own pro-grade animation software called Harmony which has been used to create various popular TV animated series.


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There are even watercolor presets that partially simulate watercolor texture, even though that is very hard to do which is why they only partially simulate it.


Alternative adobe animate cc free download –


Coding on Haxe is supported. KoolMoves is a web animation authoring tool that creates Flash animations with multimedia slide shows, media players, and action scripting and frames for animated gifs. Create text effects, import vector clipart, attach wav audio, fill shapes with color gradients or bitmaps, add actions to text buttons and frames, plus more.

EasyToy is a 3D modeling software. It uses a sketch-based modeling method and a 3D painting method. The user interface is very friendly, and operations are very simple. A complex 3D model can be created quickly by combining several simple operations. Compared with existing 3D systems EasyToy is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use.

EasyToy has wide applications, including toy design, graphics, animation and education. It is not only suitable for toy designers to design toys and CG creators to design 3D objects but also for non-professional users, especially students, to design 3D cartoon. MonkeyJam is a digital penciltest program. It is designed to let you capture images from a webcam, camcorder, or scanner and assemble them as separate frames of an animation.

Now you can use a vast library of Adobe web fonts with Adobe Animate. These high-quality fonts are available in HTML5 canvas documents. When it comes to choosing the best premium animation software, Adobe Animate CC is the obvious choice, but what makes beginners hesitant in using Adobe Animate is the fact that you need to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud.

This becomes an obstacle to those who are just starting out and are not that confident in getting their hands on a professional league interface like Animate. It also lacks sufficient facilities for practicing 3D animations. This is exactly where free Alternatives to Adobe Animate enters the scene. Check out our list and find out which alternative suits your level of animation skills. The first free-to-use Adobe Alternative on our list is ‘Krita’. It is an open-source animator with an intuitive drag and drop panel which gives users complete flexibility.

Krita is an excellent alternative for beginners who are looking to not get overwhelmed by comprehensive features. It is an excellent image editor and animator but can be limiting in its professional application. Onion Layer Editing: You can go back and check your previous drawing before moving on to the next. Pixel-based Drawings: Its drawings are pixelated making it harder to achieve precisions around the rough edges.

A friendlier platform for cartoon animation lovers and yet another free Adobe Animate Alternative. An open-source platform whose code can be modified by the user to add new features and graphics.

Its interface has separate organized rooms called ‘workspaces’. The tools and windows in each room are different and fulfill a separate function. OpenToonz is an excellent animation tool for beginners but lacks some of the higher-performing functions demanded by professionals. Choose from different animation types: You can choose between standard animation and skeletal animations. Suitable only for beginners: OpenToonz may still require some work in order to muster the attention of pros.

Toon Boom is a more popular alternative to Adobe Animate and is recognized by professional animation studios worldwide. Toon Boom even has its own pro-grade animation software called Harmony which has been used to create various popular TV animated series.

Superb animation software with dozens of features that would attract freelance animators and professionals. The common opinion amongst reviewers is that Toon Boom offers many more features than Adobe Animate. Toon Boom is premium software that is excellent for pro-league animators and is one of Adobe Animates biggest competitors.

Lacks Audio Features: You require an external audio application to include audio in your animations. TVPaint has been a household animation software that has been around for a while. It has considerable features which are great for creating versatile 2D animations.

The TVPaint Interface is not too complex and has a wide range of bitmap drawing tools for 2D all 2D animation processes. Both TV Paint and Animate cc has the ability to perfect frame to frame animation with minor differences in the choice of tools. Versatile Drawing Tools: You have access to all essential drawing tools like brushes, color palettes, textures and more. Learning Curve: TVPaint has its own learning curve as the interface is dissimilar from average animators. Synfig is yet another free-to-use Adobe Animate alternative but is quite powerful in creating fabulous vector animations which are flawless to look at it.

It has awesome features for drawing vector animations. Excellent vector drawing interface which reduces your effort and time by auto-generating drawings. Create animated digital comics I’ve always been fascinated with animation and these days there are loads of professional software tools around that allow you to become a cartoonist GIMP 2.

Alternatives to GIMP. Open source image editor gets even better GIMP is a free, open source tool that lets you create and edit images. Photoshop Alternatives to Photoshop VLC media player 3. Alternatives to VLC media player. Free cross-platform multimedia player VLC media player for Mac is an open-source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files, as well as various streaming protocols. Animation Studio for your Mobile Device have you ever wanted to create animations quickly and easily on your mobile device?

FireAlpaca 1. Alternatives to FireAlpaca. Free Tool for Artists FireAlpaca is a special drawing tool that helps artists to bring their creations to life digitally. Blender 2. Alternatives to Blender. Advanced open source 3D graphics modeling app If you’re an experienced 3D modeler and don’t want to pay the earth for your software, then open source application Blender is definitely worth a look. Paintbrush 2. It works with vector graphics, so you can create both simple animated objects and film-quality animation.

Synfig Studio has a professional interface with a convenient workspace. All the tools are logically organized into several kits. This animation system is designed to mainly work with vector objects, so you won’t experience such a problem as pixelation. The strong feature of the program is the ability to interpolate between the key frames.

Verdict: OpenToonz is a free version of the popular professional program for creating animations — Toonz. It is an open-source Adobe Animate alternative, which means that you can develop the program, adding new features and improving the graphical interface.

OpenToonz includes tools for creating the so-called skeletal animation and supports the traditional animation drawing. Being compatible with the TWAIN standards, the program can capture images from scanners and digital cameras. OpenToonz has a variety of palettes, paints, inks, custom brushes and other useful tools.

For example, you can change the style of an image, create an incident light effect, add a Distortion Wave, etc. Verdict: Despite being open-source software, Pencil 2D boasts powerful tools for producing vector and bitmap animation. If you want to create a color project using a pencil, pen or brush, this Animate CC alternative will allow you to do this without any hassle.

Due to a clear and intuitive interface, even a beginner can quickly figure out all features of the software. Pencil 2D enables you to work with layers, manipulate key frames in the timeline, use onion skin feature, adjust colors and pressure sensitivity, as well as rearrange workspace toolbars and panels according to your preferences.

The distinctive feature of this program is an uncluttered timeline where you can duplicate multiple frames, change the frame rate and create first-class animations without much effort. If you are a professional, you can do magic using even the basic tools.

Verdict: Plastic Animation Paper is considered to be one of the best software for traditional 2D animations. This is an indie project created by talented animators. Unfortunately, their other unfinished Animation Paper program has not been released yet. PAP 4.

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