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Adobe photoshop cc 2017 for ubuntu free download

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Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop CC View / Submit Screenshot. Photoshop CC was released on 2 November Free Download Trial version. We show you how to install and run the Photoshop CC program in Ubuntu through the PlayOnLinux tool quickly and easily.


Adobe photoshop cc 2017 for ubuntu free download


Photoshop It is still the undisputed leader in photo editing programs today. It has been officially exported to multiple operating systems adobe photoshop cc 2017 for ubuntu free download, even today, Linux is not one of them.

This has an easy solution thanks to tools such as PlayOnLinuxwhich allow us to run Windows platform programs natively within a Linux environment. If restarting your computer to start a Windows environment or running по этому адресу program under a virtualized environment are not solutions that satisfy you, this guide will teach you how adobe photoshop cc 2017 for ubuntu free download install and run Photoshop CC on Ubuntu.

The runtime environment under which the following steps are carried out is MATEwhich should not vary from others regarding their content but only the graphic aspect. What’s more, the version of Photoshop CC on which we work is the bit version fromsince the one that appeared in is not yet compatible with Linux.

Since Adobe has removed the previous version from its website, you should look for that one if you do not have any previous one to work on. The first step that we must carry out is to install the PlayOnLinux tool. We can do it through the software manager of our system Ubuntu Software Center or through your own Web page where the entire installation process is described manually. Next we will run the PlayOnLinux application and we will select вот ссылка Wine version from the tools menu.

We will adobe photoshop cc 2017 for ubuntu free download to choose the version of Wine 1. Then, on the next screen, we will do click on the Next button and we will choose the option Install a program in a new virtual drive. Next, make sure that you use a different version of Wine than the system version, configure it and install the necessary libraries.

In our guide we will select the Wine version “1. The next window will allow you to select the bit version which will run under Windows environment. Make sure of select Windows 7 and not Windows XPwhich is the option that is marked by default. Next жмите the more complex step if it can be considered as suchsince it involves select which libraries we want to include for Photoshop CC to run properly.

We will select the на этой странице that refer to the following adobe photoshop cc 2017 for ubuntu free download. Once this is done, we will click on the Next button. Then we will have to navigate to the location where our Photoshop CC installer is located and begin its execution.

Once the installation of Photoshop CC is finished, if not we proceed to register our copy of the program we will be running a 30 ссылка на подробности trial version. In this case it will be necessary that let’s disconnect the computer network to continue.

We will click on Sign up and we will wait for the system to return an error message, at which point we will proceed to press Sign up later. Some users will notice that the installation bar disappears before they reach the end of it, and instead a error message.

You should not worry about this situation as the program continues adobe photoshop cc 2017 for ubuntu free download run in the background. So, stay a few more minutes attentive to the process and click the Next button. Finally, you can assign a link in PlayOnLinux for Photoshop CC that will automatically create an icon on your desktop. The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics.

To report an error click here! Your email address will not be published. Eternally grateful to the opensource to which for a few years I have been making donations to encourage development, I don’t even want to see the logo of adobe, it makes me nauseous Thank you very much for that motivation, the truth makes me angry to see that companies as large as Microsoft take advantage of the power to do what they want with people, that is why I am learning how to use Linux OS in this case Manjaro and Ubuntu, two different repositories but I’m going to see which one I prefer.

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Installing Adobe Photoshop on Linux
List of apps available to download (as of October ). NOTE: Only Application Manager, Photoshop CC , and Lightroom 5 have been extensively tested. We show you how to install and run the Photoshop CC program in Ubuntu through the PlayOnLinux tool quickly and easily. photoshop for linux (ubuntu free download).

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