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Windows 10 blue screen after update free download –

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If you own a ThinkPad and have found yourself staring at a blue screen rather than your usual desktop and files then it seems there is a workaround. The other way to avoid this nightmare is to wait until a fix has been issued by Microsoft before even attempting to download the August cumulative update.

According to Windows Latest , it’s not just ThinkPad users who have been affected by this new glitch with non-Lenovo users complaining on Reddit and Microsoft forums. Speaking on Reddit, on Windows 10 fan said, “I went from a perfectly fine, basically brand new computer, to more busted than the old PC I replaced, basically overnight. Whilst another user added, “I am absolutely not having a good time with Therefore, updating drivers becomes a quick and easy fix. If there are too many temporary files and folders, it will cause serious problems: causing apps to respond slowly, affecting processing speed, and triggering error codes.

The quickest and easiest way to clean them is to use Disk Cleanup. Memory management BSODs seem to be difficult to take care of, especially for inexperienced computer users. According to the study, many reasons could cause the memory management error in different situations. Download Power Data Recovery. Summary : Windows will list a series of error messages and stop codes when your computer mainly the hard drive goes wrong.

Main functions of Windows memory management are: Keep control of the status of each memory location both allocated and free. Decide how to allocate the memory during competing process. Decide which one to get the memory, when to receive it and how much it could get.

Assign a certain memory location when the memory allocation process is finished. Check the disk for errors. Diagnose with Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. Run a full system scan. Update your drivers on the PC. Clear temporary files and folders. Remove recently installed software and hardware. Enlarge the Virtual Memory. Was this reply helpful? Yes No.

Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. If so, I’ve been using that unsuccessfully. I tried to download the Troubleshooter, but the laptop didn’t download it – nothing happened at all when I clicked the link, which is typical of the laptop’s erratic behaviour recently. It did download on my desktop PC, however, but I wonder whether I can simply copy the file wu The Windows Update Assistant downloads and starts the installation of the latest version of Windows 10, while Windows Update Troubleshooter is a guided walk-through which provides steps to fix problems with Windows Updates.

You can either download the wu Use whichever you prefer or have access to. After running the troubleshooter, try the update again. If it fails, take note of the error message and get back to us.

You may also refer to the article below on how to troubleshoot the blue screen error. Thanks very much for your suggestions. I’m still struggling and not sure whether I’m making any progress at all. I copied the wu When I ran it, it said I should do so in an Administrator account.

I thought I had one but couldn’t remember how to find it, but a Google search told me how to set it up via a cmd window. That worked OK, but the Admin account seemed to know I had had one previously possibly from W7 days before W10 started and accepted the password I gave it a guess! Having overcome that hurdle, I ran wu So it is best if you fix the error as soon as you can.

Note that this error can also occur on other Windows versions and not just on Windows Before you proceed with the following steps, you can try to restart your PC first and see if the problem is fixed. If it helps, good, if not, go on with these solutions:.

To do so, you can try these:. Note: All of these suggestions given may or may not fix the problem as it depends on what really caused the problem. If the first option did not work, proceed to the next one below. So you have to cater to this problem to fix it. Sometimes the hard drive installation encounters some problems so you might have to check and make sure that it was installed properly.

You may also have to make any necessary changes to make sure that your hard drive is configured properly. The BSOD error can also be a result of some virus or malware in your computer which is why you have to scan it for any virus and check the boot sector as well as the Master Boot Record or MBR for malware attacks using a reputable antivirus program like SpyRemover Pro. If a virus or a malware is indeed the cause of the problem, go over the usual routine of your antivirus program to remove the virus and then restart your PC.


Windows 10 blue screen after update free download. recent Windows 10 update put system into a blue screen stop code


Right-click on it and then select Properties. See Also : 4 Fixes for Igdkmd Share with us if you find more workable ways in below comments section or in OStoto official forum. Tags: windows 10 creators update blue screen, windows 10 creators update problems, blue screen, windows 10 blue screen, blue screen of death, windows 10 fall creators update, screen issues, screen problems, graphics issues, graphics problems,.

Happy Black Friday! Driver Talent. Way 1. Update Display Drivers to Match Windows 10 Creators Update Driver or software compatibility issues can be the most likely culprits which cause the blue screen stop error after Windows 10 Creators Update update. Download Now Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Reboot Your PC Restart your computer to make the updated graphics drivers or other drivers take effect. Way 2. Way 3. Way 4.

Select “Settings and Change PC”. Choose “Update and recovery” and “Windows Update”. Select “View details” and “Check for updates”. Install the updates under optional.

Way 5. Check the External Hardware Devices Follow below instructions to check whether there is any connected external devices result in blue screen on the Creators Update or the Fall Creators Update of Windows Remove all the external devices. Restart your computer. Plug each device at a time to see which exact hardware causing blue screen. Updated the corresponding drivers for the hardware with Driver Talent.

Way 6. Way 7. Test Your System Memory and your Hard Disk Drive Check your memory card and hard drive, for the bad memory chip or hard drive could also trigger the Windows 10 Creators Update blue screen problem. Test the System Memory 1. Type “mdsched. Select Restart now and check for problems recommended. Test Your Hard Disk Drive 1. Switch to Tools tab and then click Check option. A normal hard disk drive is as below picture shows.

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Windows 10 blue screen after update free download –

Fix 1: Update the graphics driver · Option 1 – Download and install the driver manually · Option 2 – Automatically update drivers. Driver or software compatibility issues can be the most likely culprits which cause the blue screen stop error after Windows 10 Creators Update. Encounter the blue screen error after Windows 10 Update? No worries. Click the below button to free download Driver Talent. Download Now.


Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death – You Can Quickly Fix It.Top 7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen after Windows 10 Update | Driver Talent


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