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There are a few everyday situations where you would find that the Windows 10 update download stuck at 99 percent. Of course, the download can get stuck at any percentage. It can be a result of several issues, and there is no specific reasons or cause that can be associated with the actual cause that can bring up the problem.

We will check out the options that can help you in addressing the issue where you find that the Windows 10 version is stuck at 99 percent or at any percentage for that matter.

Microsoft has already started and almost completed the Windows 10 version rollout. Except for a few users, we assume practically every Windows 10 user has already updated to the new version. Even if you have not, it is advisable to update your system to ensure that you do not end up with no support version. For instance, you are on Windows 10 version , you will not be supported anymore, and it is advisable to opt for the latest version right away.

Microsoft takes it up with forced updates to ensure that users do update to the latest version if they are on any of the unsupported versions. Several users have been reporting that the Windows 10 version update gets stuck at a certain percentage while downloading the update.

Microsoft has already released the Windows Update Troubleshooter and using it should resolve the issue in many cases. This can help you address the problem and fix the Windows 10 update issues. You should get the option to run the troubleshooter. Click on it, and the update procedure should begin. The troubleshooter will attempt to resolve the issues affecting your computer and fix the problems automatically in most cases. After the troubleshooting process is completed, you can restart your computer and check for the updates once again.

Most of the update issues are resolved using the Windows Troubleshooter option. Resetting the Windows Update Components should ideally resolve most of the update and installation issues. Close all the windows and head on to your Windows 10 Update option and check if the update is available and works. The corrupted system files can be one of the huge issues that can cause the problem for your Windows update. In many cases, SFC alone can resolve the problems in your case. However, there are some situations where you may find that the SFC utility fails to work.

Wait till the scan is completed. This will take a while depending upon the number of files available on your system. The drivers can be yet another culprit that can address the issue in your case. Reinstalling the drivers can be one of the best options that would be helpful for you. You can even consider downloading the latest driver from the manufacturer website. Make sure you are downloading the driver specifically designed for the particular device model you are installing it for.

This is one of the best options that can help assist you in resolving the issue and handling the Windows 10 Update to Windows 10 version without getting stuck in the middle. Ideally speaking, the DISM should resolve most of the problem without any issues.

However, if you are still facing issues, it may be a good idea to opt for a third-party source. You can follow the steps here below to address the concern —. Once the ISO image is downloaded, double click on it to mount the image.

The source here is indicated as F:sourcesinstall. Replace it with the exact location of your source file that you have mounted your ISO file on. Well, those outlined above are a few select options that should be helpful enough in providing you access to a few fixes to take care of the Windows 10 version update.

While the issue may be resolved by following the above methods and fixes, a few minor teaks here should help you determine if in case if the problem is not much severe. Do note that the stuck download may not be an issue at all. Leaving the update for a while may resolve the issue on its own. Check if leaving the update to complete on its own may take thee update forward and help you download the update without any problems.

It may be worthwhile to notice that a faster and reliable internet connection can be a great choice. A minimum disk space is yet another option that should need to check out. A minimum of 32 GB disk space would be a must to ensure the trouble-free update. In some cases, the third-party antivirus may have been restricting the update from downloading and installing. Check if you can disable the anti-virus service. In fact, it cannot be disabled. You can even uninstall it and can opt to install it once again after you have installed the Windows update successfully.

Another issue that can cause the problem on your Windows 10 device will be to check if the regional settings are correctly configured. Another option would be to clean boot your computer and try installing the updates fresh. This can be an excellent option if you have any third-party applications that may be affecting the proper functioning of the Windows Update on your system.

The methods outlined here should ideally help you resolve the issue favorably in most of the cases. Check out the tips shared here and share your experiences on which among them addressed the update issues on your Windows 10 device. By IG Share. Windows 10 May or version Update stuck at downloading Microsoft has already started and almost completed the Windows 10 version rollout.

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Windows 10 update 1903 download stuck at 99 free download

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Since the release of Windows 8 , Microsoft has become very aggressive about Windows updates. Hence, Microsoft started rolling out updates at a faster rate than ever before with the release of Windows 8.

Each update included a number of security patches developed to provide security against known threats. Microsoft also upgraded the Windows Defender in such a way that the Defender automatically submits the potential threats to Microsoft. This made the system more secure than ever. There was a time when users were receiving Windows updates on an almost weekly basis.

For most of the people, this was a good thing as they wanted their system fresh and secure. But as each system is unique in terms of hardware and user control, it is not possible for Microsft to deliver a unified update to all the system at once. Windows 10 Update assistant is a standalone application designed to guide and help users in downloading relevant updates for their Windows 10 system, needless to say it requires an active Internet connection to function properly.

Once you install and run the Windows 10 update assistant, it will examine your system and communicate with Microsoft to decide whether your system is capable for the update or not. If the issue which is causing the delay is minor, Windows 10 update assistant will analyze and solve it automatically.

Hence, you can receive the update which you were to receive before. Many users faced the delay of Windows 10 version October Update. But, it was easily availed by using Windows 10 update assistant.

Even though the Windows 10 update assistant is quite good, there an error which occurs in Windows 10 update assistant which was reported by a number of users. Even though this error is quite frustrating, it is not irrecoverable. Follow this article completely to ascertain various tested methods to resolve this error.

This might sound silly, but the first thing you should do is wait and let update assistant run. As the whole process of downloading update is pretty complex and depends on many factors including your connection speed, update availability, Microsoft update server status etc. This has worked for many users, who found update assistant being stuck at same status for hours and completes the updates instantly without any intervention. The only thing that they did was to let it run!

As Windows 10 update assistant also concludes driver updates in the process, The reason behind the halt in the process could be a number of outdated drivers present in your system.

As the software works quite rationally, it will not directly download the latest version of the driver directly. It will download and install all the versions of that particular which were released between the version you have installed and the latest one. Hence, you should download and install the driver updates manually before proceeding with the Windows upgrade. For example, If your graphics driver is outdated, you should visit the developer website and manually download and install the corresponding driver.

As Windows Defender comes pre-installed with Windows 10 , It works as in integrated service and does not interfere with the working of Windows 10 update assistant. If the threat library of your antivirus program is not updated, it may consider the Windows 10 update assistant as spyware as it collects data from the system. This will cause the unnecessary delay in the procedure as the antivirus program will not allow the Windows 10 update assistant to continue with the procedure. We will recommend you to temporarily disable the third-party antivirus that you may have installed on your system before you run the Windows 10 update assistant to prevent any unnecessary trouble and time loss.

As there are a number of services running in the background simultaneously, some certain service might encounter a temporary pause due to either RAM management or some other technical difficulty. If the service is not resumed automatically, the procedure will not display any kind of error but will stay in the state of halt indefinitely. To do this, follow the steps provided below:. But, if the above solutions do not help you, that means your system is not capable of the for the OS update and it is time you perform some upgrades in your system.

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